26// the youth

I love Acne Paper. I love the size, the touch (matte paper), and the above all the content. The Roe Etheridge + Marie Chaix story Cries & Whispers surpasses the ‘fashion story’. These beautiful images feel more like a painting or a film still with their composition, colors, suggestiveness, and tension. Sometimes you never know where your work will show up, I have worked closely with Marie Chaix over the past year and while these custom made ombre/tie dyed fringe dresses were made for another story originally, this result is such a spectacular surprise. Thank you Marie and Acne Paper.


25// underneath it all

Karl Templer and his team has always been so wonderful to include custom pieces in where they can. Customized tshirts may not be adding dramatic flair here but they are a base layer of these extraordinary silhouettes. Imogen Poots has always been an actress who I couldn’t wait to see more from after V for Vendetta, especially in a fashion context, she has an extrodinary face, and this is it. Thank you Karen and Elin

Imogen Poots – Interview Magazine June/July 2011 Photographed by Craig McDean, Styled by Karl Templer

24// double the flavor double the fun

Custom made Tie dye BUBBLEGUM pieces featured in the SS11 DOUBLE MAGAZINE

Styled by Marie Chaix

23// the garden

We shot the Stewart Brown summer collection in one of my dad’s favorite local spots, the sculpting studio and garden Art City.  The colors popped against the floral at night and on the beautiful Charlotte Carey. Art Direction, Textile and Clothing Design, & Styling

Photos by Nicholas Haggard

22// saint honore

My white slashed bathing suit in Emmanuelle Alt’s first issue of Paris Vogue!

April 2011, Story shot by Hans Fuerer and styled by Marie Chaix

Such an honor

21// cut cut cut

My custom made red slashed and fringed dress worn with Christopher Kane suit. The colors in this are the most sublime I’ve seen since I can remember.

Vogue China  March 2011, Photographer Sundsbo, Stylist Marie Chaix


I’m equally as proud of Harold Kuhn and Stacey Clark for their amazing New York Fashion Week debut and thankful for getting me involved. Odilon’s Persephone waltzed in with tough glamour like it was nothing.  – Illustration and Styling

And watch our friend and amazing make up artist Will Lemon ||| at work