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25// underneath it all

Karl Templer and his team has always been so wonderful to include custom pieces in where they can. Customized tshirts may not be adding dramatic flair here but they are a base layer of these extraordinary silhouettes. Imogen Poots has always been an actress who I couldn’t wait to see more from after V for Vendetta, especially in a fashion context, she has an extrodinary face, and this is it. Thank you Karen and Elin

Imogen Poots – Interview Magazine June/July 2011 Photographed by Craig McDean, Styled by Karl Templer


10// Myspace, yourspace

Here I made hand drawn ‘tattoo’ tights, bodysuits, tanks, socks, and customized tshirts.

Interview Magazine February 2010, Photographer Craig McDean, Stylist Karl Templer

9/ the september issue

It was such an honor to have the accessories I made in this story and on the covers! I embroidered the gloves and arm warmers seen throughout.

Vogue Italia September 2009, Photographer Steven Meisel, Stylist Karl Templer

6// bubble wrap

For the June 2009 issue of Italian Vogue I crafted jackets, tops, and skirts out of clear plastic and bubble wrap.

Vogue Italia June 2009, Photographer Steven Meisel, Stylist Karl Templer


5// Survival Mode

For the April 2009 issue of Italian Vogue I was asked to disassemble, deconstruct, and re-imagine a whole wardrobe for the cover story.

Vogue Italia April 2009, Photographer Steven Meisel, Stylist Karl Templer

4/ interview dec. 2008

Designed custom floral pattern, embroidered onto tights for shoot

Interview December 2008, Photographer Anthony Maule, Stylist Karl Templer